ESTOQUE: release gringo

Thrash/crossover of the jollier type, with very cool, almost jazz-like at times, bass work; often does the music jump on the aggressive thrash wagon (“Mudos A Rezar”, “Males Sociais”), but the friendly crossover tone is not very frequently broken on the other compositions. Very interesting technical decisions could be heard at times as well: the jumpy eclectic 3-min wonder “Descendentes”, and the longer, almost progressive “Colonizadores”, where the guitar work suddenly takes very stylish intriguing directions, again with a fine jazzy shade. This is an interesting combination of contrasting styles, which will seldom leave the listener bored.

Thrash Core Anarquista Full-length, 2006

Pelo menos o cara sacou a idéia da banda, o que não ocorreu por essa bandas.

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